Falling For Evil -- Kylo Ren x Female Reader  √

Falling For Evil -- Kylo Ren x Female Reader √

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A_Dolphin_ By A_Dolphinqueen Completed

Adopted to Princess Leia, you are a young girl who has barely any training. Leia insists that you stay in the safety of her care, but your adventurous spirit lifts off. Soon, captured by Kylo Ren, you start to.. fall for him?


cweppypasta cweppypasta Nov 18, 2016
Wow. I've NEVER been skinny in my life! Let alone THAT skinny!
heberkat000 heberkat000 Jun 23, 2016
Not to toot my own horn or anything (I love that expression) but I can make amazing 3 course meals......
EristinePHAN EristinePHAN May 13, 2016
Haha. Three-year-old me would have hidden much better than that 😆
CatWaterlow CatWaterlow Jul 19, 2016
It can't possibly be as bad as the meals I make... Because seriously, you don't know what tasteless is until you have tasted something I have made
I may have already commented this but... I'm close to 14 but not quite there yet (as of when I wrote this)
ReDsToNe_AcTiVev2 ReDsToNe_AcTiVev2 Nov 13, 2016
Real Life:*eats the whole fridge*Im still hungry...*gets lots more food and eats that too,doesnt get anyday more weight*Urgh...annoying.