Falling For Evil ~ Kylo Ren x Female Reader | √

Falling For Evil ~ Kylo Ren x Female Reader | √

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A the Dolphin👐🏻 By A_Dolphinqueen Completed

Adopted to Princess Leia, you are a blossoming young woman who has barely any training. Leia insists that you stay in the safety of her care, but your adventurous spirit lifts off. Soon, captured by Kylo Ren, you start to.. fall for him?

((WARNING: This story was written by me about just a little over two years ago. Expect to see shitty writing and short chapters because I DID NOT HAVE A CLUE ABOUT WRITING BEFORE. Thank you, and enjoy.))


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mimekaine mimekaine May 06
oh homegirl it's ok we gon get you a new perscription soon and then maybe you won't be so god damn bLIND
unpopulatte unpopulatte Mar 12
I just ate an entire bag of hot cheetos in one sitting, this is the most ooc thing lmao
You don't want me to cook, I will,literally burn the house down...it has happened before
Min_Bethany_02 Min_Bethany_02 Nov 18, 2016
Wow. I've NEVER been skinny in my life! Let alone THAT skinny!
TeamToxicFlame TeamToxicFlame Nov 13, 2016
Real Life:*eats the whole fridge*Im still hungry...*gets lots more food and eats that too,doesnt get anyday more weight*Urgh...annoying.