Trouble Maker ➼ Newtmas AU {1}

Trouble Maker ➼ Newtmas AU {1}

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a person who habitually causes difficulty or problems, especially by inciting others to defy those in authority.


Newton Isaac is part of the London FBI. 

He's one of the best agents and never disappoints his boss. 

But what happens when he is set out undercover to catch one of the biggest drug dealers in the whole continent of Europe;



Thomas is the one of the biggest drug dealers in Europe. 

No one, even his best friends, knows his last name. 

They say that his heart is literally made out of stone. 

Until he met the blonde young lad, Newt. 


This will contain Sexual content and Vulgar language. 

I don't own any of these characters they all belong to the amazing James Dashner.


cover insp; -voidallison

plot insp; FF

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timestar34 timestar34 Apr 23
WICKED is terrible. When I read someone saying that I think of a robot saying it
We don't have the FBI in england. Maybe representative but they can't really get involved in our business. Maybe use a different spy agency.
timestar34 timestar34 Apr 23
Why not Paris the city of romance? Or Rome? Or Italy with all the pizza?
timestar34 timestar34 Apr 23
Aris in the FBI I thought he would be helping Thomas along with Teresa
Sevrana0101 Sevrana0101 Aug 08, 2016
Nope it's not, now go find your husband and don't bother me with this again.
-gummymochi -gummymochi Feb 10, 2016
This book slays dragons I was reading it to a dragon and it died because  it  was  2 awesome 4 it