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Moving Hiatus By Ame_Tasogare Updated Oct 18, 2016

The Scars Series:

Book 1: Kissing Scars
Book 2: Healing Scars
Book 3: Saving Scars
Book 4: Remembering Scars

Ever wonder what Casey's brother's name was before I decided on Kieran?
Ever wonder who the original couples were going to be?
Ever wonder at all what my writing process was, how I decided things, how I ended up writing this story, what gave me the idea in the first place?

Well, now your answers shall all be questioned!



Behold my friends, a behind the scenes look at the making of the Scars Series! Proceed with caution!

thedogloversandcat thedogloversandcat Dec 06, 2016
Never been a ghost reader on your books Ame see im even commenting on this one!
SammyIsKewl SammyIsKewl Sep 22, 2016
(I'm just guessing)Pandora is the name of the person cesear(however you spell it) married(his nickname for him or something), and he named his club after him, and thats gonna be a book about them? again, just guessing
Cross_Valachi Cross_Valachi Feb 10, 2016
Waiting for updates! I love this idea nyahaha Trivia is the
snow-chocolate snow-chocolate Jun 30, 2016
Do a comment section, please?
                              I usually check out the comment section at the end of each chapter literally just to see what people think of that chapter.
chronicallyunironic chronicallyunironic Dec 03, 2016
@Ame_Tasogare I wrote a JamiexWolf fanfic but it's not quite done
twinkie910 twinkie910 Jul 15, 2016
Omg this is amazing since the Scars series is my favorite on Wattpad and I kind of love all these characters so this will be fun to read