Her little Secret

Her little Secret

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Natsu ninja By natsu_ninja Updated 5 days ago

She's just your average bookworm antisocial 18 year old girl. 

She keeps to her self at the book store, till her manager hired him. 

The pink headed nosy boy always trying to get in her business. 

But she has a little secret and let's just say it has to do with her being born in 1859.

All characters belong to Hiro Mashima. The owner and creator of FairyTail.

MehhTruong MehhTruong Nov 20
Wait I thought it was a pig or am I being stupid because i saw the word pig 🐷
I have blonde hair and I also make jokes about myself more than other people XD
Natsu x Book... hmm.. i sense a bad feeling about this....
                              ~a minutes later~
                              Many group of people invoted to the library, but shock in horror when saw every book was burned...
                              Who job it is? Yea...
                              It Natsu
I was born a blond and now people r confused because it continues to get darker shades of brown
I like it its different instead of natsu being a vamp its lucy
AYATO GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE ITS DINNER TIME!!! And you know how much reiji likes it when your late *sarcastic tone*