Almost A Goner // Joshler

Almost A Goner // Joshler

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[Dear teachers, I am not suicidal, nor do I self harm, I just write stories. This is something I came up with on the top of my head.]

Tyler has been quite upset lately, wondering why he's been so lonely and down all the time. He doesnt believe he is good enough for anyone or anything.

Josh has been feeling almost the same way too. He has a voice that won't go away and a whole school against who he is. He would give anything to feel OK again.

They feel like they have nothing to lose or gain anymore... until they meet each other.

[Trigger warning; suicide and self harm chapters. I'll warn everyone at the start of the chapter if something may be a trigger.]

I just now started this and I can tell I'm really going to like it :)
tbhwires tbhwires Nov 21
This whole comments section has become a poll for who loves and hates The Outsiders and I'm kind of loving it
Ms. Miller is the name of my 8th grade art teacher and everyone loves her
grathan2016 grathan2016 Jun 24
Ms. Miller was the name of my 3rd Grade teacher.. she was horrible
ImSatann ImSatann 5 days ago
i remember like 3 years ago in 7th grade we had to read that book
lucyEpicCrash lucyEpicCrash 3 days ago
ugh i drank a full-caffeine mocha at like five-thirty P.M. and i shouldn't have i was gonna ask for decaf but social anxiety and other fun things happened