The Gang Leader Saved Me

The Gang Leader Saved Me

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Cliffy26 By Cliffy26 Updated 6 days ago

Grayson Black. The leader of the Vipers. A cruel gang known for its mass killings and overseas drug trades. Grayson is cold and heartless, and gets everything he wants.

Angel Elwood is as innocent as her name. She was abused for 12 years, until she ran away fending for herself. One year later she helps a man. Little does she know helping him would cause so much drama.  What will happen to Angel when she meets the Grayson Black?

Read to find out in The Gang Leader Saved Me.

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Are you not suppose to get into fights with a garbage bag? Oops
I am here to help and enjoy. I love to help new wrighters. 
                              I think you should put things in paragraphs instead of just all mashed together. Other then that i like ut so far keep wrighting