Angel [Dark H.S]

Angel [Dark H.S]

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BlondeAbomination By BlondeAbomination Updated Jun 02, 2016

"Police are still searching for the infamous serial killer, Harry styles. His body count is rapidly rising and he is rumored to be in the local area, police are advising that everyone remain in doors after dark.."

18 year old Violet lives a normal life, until her innocence is met by the demonic and psychotic serial killer, Harry styles. How will she deal with the disturbing events ahead and the feelings that may develop on the way? 

Will she fix him? 

Or will he break her. 


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I can’t take a compliment. They just make me self-conscious instead of actually making me feel good about myself. I always think people think the exact opposite of what they’re saying. Kind of like in Mean Girls.
hxrrystylesily hxrrystylesily Nov 15, 2017
If someone said that to me irl i'd find that very disturbing and creepy idek
hdbhxbd hdbhxbd Jun 13, 2017
That reminded me of the vow its a really good movie and if you haven't watched it i highly recommend you to. (It has Channing tatum and Regina from mean girls)
hxrrystylesily hxrrystylesily Nov 15, 2017
I'd have just smiled and nodded without introducing myself and it'd be the most awkwardest situation you will ever see
aunnizombie aunnizombie Aug 04, 2017
Why is it that in every fanfction, they always say that. -_-
Unfortunately, every girl in my class is always complimenting someone or something and don’t get me wrong, that’s really nice but that just makes me think that they’re mocking me and i wonder if they say the same behind my back