Park Chanyeol's Bitch {Editing}

Park Chanyeol's Bitch {Editing}

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💓PCY is BBH's property💓 By Firelight_exol Updated Jun 19, 2017

He trapped me between him and the wall, "Be my Bitch Byun Baekhyun" he whispered sexily, sending shivers down my spine. 

(many grammar errors are still there. The plot is shit and everything about this story is shit (except our otps ofc) so please read at your own risk~}

/idk how this crap got so many votes cuz this is literally shit/ dont read it i tell you, you might have the biggest regret of your lifeu\

{ Kaisoo & Hunhan included }

Started : { 7.2.2016}
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Cover Cr to. @Frh6104syh. Special thanks !!! Love you~ :3
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Bluefuntime Bluefuntime Sep 02, 2017
When I look at myself in the mirror I literally just punch the mirror
milkiuchu milkiuchu Sep 24, 2017
Chanyeol is me,and sehun is my bff
                              WE ALWAYS CURSED WHILE TALKING XD
deemod deemod Jan 23
You barely communicated for 5 seconds and your calling him babe already?
PorterquDO PorterquDO Feb 13, 2017
                              OOOO~ OOOO~ BABY JUST SHOW 
                              ME WHAT IT DO,
                              NOW BLOW IT LIKE FLUTE