Knox's Girl (18+)

Knox's Girl (18+)

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"Get the f*ck out of my house!" My dad shouted. 
  "Gladly, but before I go I have just one thing to say. You've never been a good father. You've always treated Poppy and her mother like absolute sh*t." 
  "You know nothing about being a father, you little punk!" 
  "Yeah, well your innocent little girl calls me daddy when I f*ck her from behind, so that's close enough to me." Knox spat before hauling me out of my seat and leaving. 

  Ever since Poppy Nicole was little, she's been a shy girl with a heart of pure gold. Her innocence is blaringly obvious and she has nothing but the best intentions for everyone on her mind. Everyone has always loved the sweet-minded girl. 
  Knox Carmichael is Charleston, South Carolina's resident bad boy and infamous hell-raiser. He's been on a first-name basis with law enforcement since the young age of ten years old. Before his parents got fed up and sent him away to military school when he was fourteen, one of Knox's favorite pass times was taunting his one and only Poppy. 
  Poppy's life was going great, fantastic even. She was accepted into the local college, along with her best friend - and Knox's little sister - Kiara, and she couldn't wait to get a start on her nursing studies. But then, life takes a turn for the worst, as the devil himself shows up unannounced to their dorm suite just as the girls are unpacking their belongings. 
  Poppy hopes that Knox has grown up and ended his torturous ways, if only she knew just how wrong she actually was. 
  If only she knew he was back for one thing, and one thing only. To take what is and always has been rightfully his; Poppy. 


SEQUEL IS NOW OUT! (League of Her Own)

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This was actually so mature, I've read books where grown women act like little kids when someone points out or says something not positive, and this was just so good
fishysmom1 fishysmom1 Feb 19
I really love your book.  Your a pretty good writer.  It's a shame that there are people who hate your book.
Wait but what if someone attack’s you first...can you argue back at them and make a valid point? Or no cuz that will start more drama?
- - Feb 19
i always come back to read this book, maybe twice a week. my all time favourite wattpad book!
I love your works so so much! This series is like my friggin holg holy grail and I can't wait for you to finish the rest of the series (thorn)!!!!
lunawolf118 lunawolf118 Feb 21
Thanks for informing me! I’m sure your book can not be as bad as mine especially if it’s so popular!