Who Will Bring Me Home

Who Will Bring Me Home

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kenzie1321 By kenzie1321 Updated 3 days ago

A year after leaving Chase at the alter and taking a one way trip out of Chicago she finds herself breaking down. No longer having the support of Patrick and the world thinking she is dead, she's on her own. 

Her dreams haunt her more and she's left alone with only her inner thoughts to keep her company, but after one phone call she's no longer another athlete that has fallen into depression. 

She's left to chose between finding home or to run once again when she finds her self in Columbus waiting for Jonathan and Patrick.

I am so happy you started this book. When the last one ended I was so sad. You writing is amazing. I am so excited for the coming chapters❤️❤️
Ugghhh I love this so much. I can't wait to see how it goes In the future! You're such a great writer!! By the way BMTH is amazing lol!
Hopefully she works up the courage to go home soon or at least makes an effort to contact one of them. So sad to see her like this:( she needs to get better but can't wait for more!!!