Bad Girl || Craig x Reader [ON HOLD]

Bad Girl || Craig x Reader [ON HOLD]

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☆Ally☆ By Loner_Chan Updated May 09, 2016

South Park isn't as bad as the last town I lived in. I'll make it work here. 

At my old town, I always got bullied for being smart, and all the teachers liking me. But I don't want that! I want friends so desperately! No one likes me, and no one will, but it's worth a shot, right?!

My tummy hurts. It's my first day of school, and I have no idea how it will turn out. 

I put on my skinny jeans with my (f/n) hoodie. I placed the hood on my head. "Oh sweetie! I hope you have a swell day at school."  Mommy kissed my cheek. I rolled my eyes before giggling. 

This was gonna be my third year of high school. Two more years to go. It won't be that bad, since this year is half done, anyways. 

"Kids, we have a new student in our class. And please be nice to her." The teacher. Mr. Rogers said. Or more like begged...? 

"(Y/n), come on up and introduce yourself." I sigh. Do I have too? Whatever. I walk in front of the class, not really bothering to smile. Everyone's already glaring at me. "Hi,...

Wait a second let me catch my 
                              Breath. Remind me how it feels
                              To hear your voice.your lips
                              Are moving i cant hear a thing.
                              Living life as if we had a choice.
Are you sure about that me? I mean it's pretty bad with all the the stuff happening there ssoooo ya
-_- Why 'Tummy'? if you wanna make friends say STOMACH,like a big girl 😒
kayoripow kayoripow May 07
I have a feeling this is gonna end up with reader chan being with Kyle ;)
Testaburger? More like T E S T I C L E 
                              *slaps knee*
                              No..? Ok I'll leave .-.