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Let Me Out e.d

Let Me Out e.d

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K By 50shadesofEthan Updated Oct 24, 2016

I brush my callused finger against the small tree. Blood smearing where my fingers tips had just been. This was new, untainted, not yet used by god's game called life. 
"It'll be okay right? I mean all we did was murder a man who was only going to slaughter others.." I whisper smoothly to the tree. It gives no reply.
"Tsssk tsssk tsssk.. you know it's jussst you in that filthy head of yoursss. There is no 'we'. There never will be." I need not turn to find out who was behind me. I already knew it was just my inner darkness playing games with me. Trying to get a rise.
"Ah but you see I'll find someone like me and when I do it'll be the most magnificent moment in history. We will move on to kill great people. Many great people." I smile slyly at the little tree.
"Ah I sssuppossse all humansss sssearch for sssomeone whossse demonsss play well with their own. Isssn't it to bad that I'm not a demon.. jussst a figure of your imagination Ethan.."

*sees stuff I'm sensitive to and doesn't like reading about* sign me up
dolansvibess dolansvibess Aug 14, 2016
I love how in the media it says beer and then Ethan is right there😂
DolanDinosaur DolanDinosaur Aug 15, 2016
Wait, is she some ninja bitch that hears voices in the back of her head?! I'm loving this book and it's like the third paragraph😂
DolanArmy_Tish DolanArmy_Tish Jul 27, 2016
I feel like where he is holding out the s's is that his shadow is a snake and the snake relates to the devil so his shadow is the devil.  Boom . That what I think