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Kitten In A Pack

Kitten In A Pack

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Wolfy By Wolfy_Reporter953 Updated Feb 06

For as long as Raylina's can remember she had a family that she knew as her pride,  with a sister,  and a brother.  Little did she know she got it all wrong.... 

As she spent 5 years in a pet store only to be adopted by a little girl named Emily she throught her pride was destroyed by rouges. As she learns Emily is a werewolf, and is brought into a pack of wolves she must hide her secret,  from all bit the Alpha and Luna who help her. Things were good for her,  until she found her family,  or they found her... 

She jumps at the chance to join them, and goes back home.  The only problem is with her mate taking her back to his pack,  along with her sister soon,  she begins discovering things... The things she starts discovering could ruin her chances at being happy.  Or worse,  they could kill her. 
Join Raylina on her adventure as she goes,  and fights to live,  and have a happy life along with her mate,  and her sister. 
*Warning* this book will contain violent scenes, & a lot of mature language... read at your own risk....
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marthaclanton marthaclanton Aug 08, 2016
I like how you have written the beginning.  How old is she now?