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Two Alphas, One Mate (BAAM 2)

Two Alphas, One Mate (BAAM 2)

326K Reads 6.2K Votes 12 Part Story
broken-pixie By broken-pixie Updated Jan 22

Book 2 of BAAM. It's the beginning of summer and Marcus' long believed dead brother, Reagan, is back. A pack can not have two alphas, so what do they do? They hold the Alphas Challenge, a fight to the death. Holly, who had just accepted Marcus as her mate, finds herself torn between the brothers and seeks the comfort of her fellow pack members. With the vengeful threat of the hunters, led by Holly's former friend, Layla, the waring brothers must work together to keep Holly safe. When the day of the challenge arrives, well, in the words of Reagan, "What's a little blood shed amongst family?"

rauhldolans rauhldolans Feb 21
I just don't get how he thinks they are mates if she mates with reagan?
eibbedcoblan eibbedcoblan Apr 18, 2016
This  is really confusing me now... all more ofwanting this book to read and follow the next episodes..
autumnkuenniger autumnkuenniger Dec 15, 2015
Well right now I feel like Reagan is kinda jerk but I kinda feel like that's the point? For him to come off as a jerk at first I mean, we need to time to get to know and get attached to the the character, good characters, much like people,have depth
HelenDark1 HelenDark1 Aug 31, 2015
Lol, what's a little laughter amongst family going to do? Well, u laugh and they think ur crazy...
TabbyCakeZz TabbyCakeZz Feb 18, 2015
Why can't you BOTH be her mate it will be so hot like a 12 pack of you combine both their 6 packs
herath_123 herath_123 Jul 07, 2014
Lol it's still equal chances if they flip a coin or play thumb wars hehe