That One Emo Story

That One Emo Story

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kenzieineedhelpzz By kenzieineedhelpzz Updated Feb 07, 2016

*beep beep* damn it its time for school even though its the first day of 8th grade I don't wanna go. People don't t know how to shut there mouth. Although there is this really cute guy who is suppose to be meeting me at the bus stop. Shit!!! I gotta hurry or I'm going to be late.

I jump up brush my purple and black hair and throw on some black jeans with my black T-shirt and sleeping with sirens bracelet
I hurry on down stair "mom?" "Yes honey..aww u look great can I get a picture?"
"No mom I got to go I'm gonna be late?"
"OK bye I love you"

I run to the bus stop and look around(I guess he not here yet)I pull my phone out of my pocket and turn on sleeping with sirens as loud as I can and plug my ear buds in my ear 

Someone touched me and I jumped at least 3 feet "way to go jerk face ...oh hey(blushing ) what's up trevor?"

He has medium blue hair with black tips and always has a smile on when he looks at me "nothing cutie ... Just hanging out with u or at least try to" he pops one...