Silvermist (A story about love, loss, killers and oh...ah...Vampires)

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Do you think i'm crazy By Raesmile22 Updated 4 years ago
5 Tennagers living together. They are not what they appear to be. With no parents and no rules things may get out of control. Especially now there going to High School!!! Oh yeah one more complication Rae's brother is trying to kill her!!!
Hey! I just saw your story at the top of my news feed and the title is what caught my eye first. Then I read the little description and was like "This sounds reeeally cool!" Added to my reading list; hopefully I can read it all tomorrow:D
I love this!!! So far very original from a lot of the books I've read :) don't forget to upload!!!!
This story has a very interesting concept. I like it so far.
Good job :) like it so far, interesting. Imma give you vote and keep reading!
wow, this is very good, im gonna keep reading now!!
hey 'chicka' mistaken call for tall at the bottom of page two and u put jakes name when i think you ment either Sander or Lexie. :D lol (just saying)