One Piece Portgas D. Ace  X Reader

One Piece Portgas D. Ace X Reader

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shirah99 By shirah99 Updated Dec 01, 2017

(Y/n) had a mother who is really protective. She always gave her a lot of money for her to use without working a lot. That's make her not independent woman, weak and sensitive.

When (y/n) was left by her boyfriend, she felt really sad. So she decided to apply for National Service to change herself. That's when she met Ace, the commander.

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Bobcake01 Bobcake01 Aug 26, 2017
Why did I decide to go out with that s**t in the first place
AnimeShipEr AnimeShipEr Aug 31, 2017
I am absolutely insane. 2 years and already getting married? Naaa too much.
AnimeShipEr AnimeShipEr Aug 31, 2017
People cry when they lose something important. Get over it. That just means youre important.
MayTheFangirl MayTheFangirl Aug 07, 2017
Hey question isn't sanji's frase : "if you can't get rid of a lady's tears you can't call yourself a man " or something
LastDragons LastDragons Nov 28, 2016
Complainly is not a word. "He complained" is a better way to put it.
Raichaelrocks Raichaelrocks Aug 21, 2016
Is that actually sanji in there I feel like that's something zoro would say NOT sanji