After Tartarus ~ HoO

After Tartarus ~ HoO

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lauren By laurelime Updated Jul 18, 2017

No one knew what to do. The next second dragged on for what felt like a year. Piper was the first to react, then Leo, Hazel and Frank. Jason just stood there, shocked out of his mind "Percy and Annabeth" Jason whispered with disbelief.

Drops of water echoed across the cave as they collided into the floor; it almost sounded like a clock. 

A clock to remind us that they might have mere minutes to live. 

Percy had open wounds, in which the blood was slowly dripping out and into the floor. He had blood coming out of his mouth that would be pushed out as he attempted to breath. 

Annabeths' wounds were mainly closed up, but it looked like that moving in any direction would split them open. She had blood dripping out of her nose and it was staining the rest of her face. 

Their breathing was staggered, sometimes they were breathing heavily, others their chest wouldn't even rise. Their eyes were tightly shut as if they were trying to suppress memories or stay alive. 

They weren't doing a very good job at that either. 

Their eyes stayed shut as we edged closer, their breathing slowly down rapidly. I tried to charmspeak them awake, but they wouldn't wake up. 

"Percy, Annabeth, please wake up!" Piper put all of her force into those five words, but nothing happened. 

Annabeth took a struggled breath but didn't open her eyes. Percy coughed, which caused blood to spill out of his mouth. 

"Please!" She yelled, choking back a sob. 

They weren't waking up.

When Percy and Annabeth got back from Tartarus, it all blew over, this is it but if everything was worse.

Contains spoilers, don't read if you haven't read MoA or HoH

~first fanfic, don't judge ~


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Anonimatum001 Anonimatum001 Sep 02, 2017
Por qué los fanfic que perecen interesantes siempre están en inglés??
                              Por que no he aprendido inglés si siempre estoy sufriendo con esto??
laila18T laila18T Mar 13, 2017
You keep switching the point of views from 1st person to 3rd to 2nd, it's very disconnecting. The story line is good, but the grammer mistakes make reading this very frustrating.