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After Tartarus ~ HoO

After Tartarus ~ HoO

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Lauren?? By laurelime Updated Mar 19

No one knew what to do. The next second dragged on for what felt like a year. I was the first to react, then Leo, Hazel and Frank. Jason just stood there, shocked out of his mind "Percy and Annabeth" Jason whispered with disbelief.

Percy was in worse condition than Annabeth by far, Percy has cuts and bruises all over his body, not one area without a wound. Annabeth however only had a few cuts and many bruises. I realised that they were lying in the doors of the elevator. "Help me move them" I groaned, struggling to move them without hurting them myself.

Hazel and Frank picked up Annabeth while Leo, Jason and I picked up Percy. I suddenly realised that the cavern was light, but we were underground? It was like the earth was radiating light, gaea. We sat around them, waiting for them to wake up, or for someone to speak.

They weren't waking up so I decided to try and charmspeak them awake. "I'm going to try and charmspeak them awake" I whisper to the rest of the seven. I decided that I am going to do both at the same time, just imagine getting back from tartarus and not waking up with the person you were there with. I would think they were dead. "Percy and Annabeth, wake up" I charmspeaked.

Annabeth took a struggled breath but didn't open her eyes. "Percy, wake up" I charmspeaked with more force. Tears were filling up my eyes and I got a lump in my throat. 

They weren't waking up.

When Percy and Annabeth got back from Tartarus, it all blew over, this is it but if everything was worse.

Contains spoilers, don't read if you haven't read MoA or HoH

~first fanfic, don't judge ~


laila18T laila18T Mar 13
You keep switching the point of views from 1st person to 3rd to 2nd, it's very disconnecting. The story line is good, but the grammer mistakes make reading this very frustrating.