Chasing Unexpected Love|| (Eisuke) KBTBB Fanfic ||

Chasing Unexpected Love|| (Eisuke) KBTBB Fanfic ||

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° Kissed By The Baddest Bidder fanfic °

It was just another day for Sakura, she went to college but after being witness to a mafia shootout what will happen to her? Will she ever have a normal life again... Will she want a normal life after this?


This book contains strong language, suggestive themes and will deal with mature (and possibly triggering) content so if you do not feel you are uncomfortable with any of the above I strongly suggest  you find another book to read. 

I do not own any of the KBTBB characters or places. 
I own my own characters and my changes to the original storyline.

Book cover by @itsmaria_

Started: ??/02/16
Finished 16/02/17

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