Diabolik lovers: these red tears I cry

Diabolik lovers: these red tears I cry

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Nanami By Nanami-sakamaki Updated Nov 23

This is the sequel of diabolik lovers girl who cries red. 

Siera is still continuing her life with the brothers and Yui. She continued to face the dangers ahead of her and her tears only grow as the painful memories come back as well as a dark person who caused her so much sadness. What will Siera and the brothers do?! 

"Thank you....Siera...for being...my friend."


Kino....I know you, are their half brother
                              But seriously!
                              With Reiji and Azusa's hair,Reiji's smirk,Azusa's Hairstyle and beret
                              YOU LOOK LIKE THEIR LOVE CHILD!!!! I MEAN SERIOUSLY???!!!
he's the vampire prince,he is the sakamakis half brothers as well as the mukamis.
Minxella101 Minxella101 May 31
Some people say that Reiji and Azuza made out and BAM! Thats their child!
Did you just add him in or is it from the Real show because he is HOT🔥🔥🔥😻😻😻😽😽😽
Kanato is gonna flip out if he see this..........he is gonna shove some candles in people's asses...........Sorry kanato for you own loss.....but azusa love reiji than you...........
Reiji and Azusa had a child!!! 😱 Lol I bet it's their secret love child