Trailblazer♦ Bellamy Blake

Trailblazer♦ Bellamy Blake

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caryflay By caryflay Updated Jun 11, 2018

"Or maybe it's just that beautiful things are so easily broken by the world." 
   -City Of Fallen Angels
 Cassandra Clare (p.289)

  Blue Emelia Woods has lived on the Ark her whole life.  A combined space station made up from the surviving nations that have lived for 97 years while the Earth is soaked in radiation from the nuclear war.  The Ark has made rules because of the harsh conditions of living in space.  

You may only have one child.
Never harm another citizen.
Never harm a guard.
Never plot against the Counsil.
Never steal from the Ark's supplies.

However, all of these rules have been broken.

  Breaking the rules when you are over 18 results in immediate execution, or 'floating'.  If you were lucky enough to be under 18, you get a trial on your birthday to decide if you will die or be returned with your fellow citizens.

Everything has changed now.

Based on the book and t.v. show 'The 100.'  I don't own they characters (except Blue) and the plot is mainly from the show.