Blossom ➵ A Snamione Fanfic

Blossom ➵ A Snamione Fanfic

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Anya By AnyaTheGryffindor Completed

A Severus Snape and Hermione Granger love story.

A Post Deathly Hallows au

Blossom: Mature or develop in a promising way

Darkness looms over Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. With Lord Voldemort defeated years ago a different danger is settling into the mist.Students -Muggleborns are being abducted

After three muggleborns are taken, Headmistress Minerva McGonagall sends Severus Snape and Hermione Granger on a wild chase across England to catch their culprit. Just one tiny, small, minuscule problem. Severus Snape is hopelessly in love with Hermione.

Minerva has been Severus's friend for many years and knows all his tendencies and where his rough, quite terrifying façade ends. She also knows that Severus is in love with Hermione. That's when she comes up with a cunningly scheming plan.

When put through impossible tasks, Severus usually has skill and the patience to see them through but things won't be as easy now that he will be with the woman he loves....

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chelchel13 chelchel13 Sep 14, 2017
Don't do Neville like that. He is a war vet, he killed nagini, and stood up to Voldemort. He isn't terrified
The-Dark-Mistress The-Dark-Mistress Jul 10, 2016
Rereading for the third time. Finally since you posted that BEAUTIFUL EPILOGUE!! This story is amazing. Almost as amazing as One Dance. Maybe better. My favorite part is the crazy old lady. (Oops. Spoilers! Just had a DW moment)
CautiousOtaku CautiousOtaku Jun 29, 2016
Amazing!! You are extremely talented and I adore this ship so good on ya!
BoyWhoSneezed BoyWhoSneezed Jan 22, 2017
Hello! My name is Ashlyn and I am testing my new Bluetooth keyboard for my iPad. You can just ignore this, lol. Bai bai
SevsSecret SevsSecret Sep 28, 2016
Poor Filch, he was never the same cuddle bunny once he ceased being allowed his practice of hanging students by their thumbs in the dungeon.  He just pines for the old days. .....😭😿
EmilySnapexx EmilySnapexx Jul 01, 2016
Alan Rickman isn't in Pride and Prejudice that is Keira knightly and Colin Firth. Alan Rickman is in Sense and Sensibility with Kate Winslet Emma Thompson and Hugh Grant xx not to brag but I have watched all his films xx