Creepypasta x Reader Lemons

Creepypasta x Reader Lemons

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Tal <3 By TalFishmanIsBae_01 Updated May 31

^^^ what the title says ;) 

Hope you like ;)

(Don't read if under 13 ;))

jonniemc05 jonniemc05 Nov 01
Meh: 5... 4 ...3... 2... 1... we're goin on a trip in out favorite rocket ship
                              Sophia: .... .-. really...
                              Meh: Yup :P
Oh hell no! If you got me pregnant waffle boy, then I s2fg that I'll get an abortion! I ain't gonna be a mother at the age of 13!!!!
Why do I have this feeling that slender made them have the same dream
Hoodie x reader and maybe a madly x reader please? (Maybe a Hoodie x Masky x Reader? X3 )
.............0////0 maybe
                              (My 3 friends comments)
                              Skull: nopeity 
                              Neon: nope
                              Sans: no