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"it can't hurt, right?" 


in which a young fangirl somehow finds herself chatting with Kim Namjoon.

© 2017; mohmoo
includes oc
a bts fanfiction.

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- - Feb 03
God when I first read that she was thirteen I was like ''bish whaaatt??" And then I read the spoiler and was so glad😅
13? yey finally an age thats closer to mine...ilysm author-nim
emmmika emmmika Jan 03
ooooooo...namjoonie. i have a feeling he doesn't five a flower about her age.
-holywater- -holywater- Apr 09
If you ever delete this fanfic, I will probably cry bc I love it so much. I don’t know how many times I’ve reread it.
My kik user name is Gucci turtle with some random numbers or smt
                              if ur not gonna say it right
                              tHeN dOnT sAy iT aT aLl😂💀😭