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Daughter Of Apollo By Epicadrenaline Updated Feb 28

Sergeant Bryce Waters:  A  soldier assigned in the outskirts of Afghanistan.

Nurse Terra Legado Waters: A nurse that works with wounded soldiers as a way to get closer to her army husband.

 After a fatal accident threatened to separate them they try to reconnect  with one another by trying to relive their love story. Together with the help of love-letters they embark on a trail down memory lane to relive all the good and bad moments they shared and find out what exactly made them fall in love.

Warning: These so called letters will all be in poetry form and will include numerous cliches, heartbreak and a worm pool of emotions.

This book created for the #Just write it contest is the property of Epic Adrenaline and should not be fabricated by anyone.

*The story is only mildly edited, and editing will be fully done after the book completion*

Critiqied by /Addie_Belle/

Gorgeous cover created by /sephenes/
 Hot list : #17 in poetry   (20/12/17)

Brigade Awards winner 2016

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It was beautiful! I liked the way you showed the sincerity of his love. The emotions run deep. It was wonderful!
tasneemsyed tasneemsyed Feb 06
Sooo heart touching letter loved it 
                              Sooo skillfully written
                              Emotions poured in it touched heart soo deeply
SeaSpree SeaSpree Feb 18
Oh my gosh ~ I love your writing style! I'm only a chapter in, but I'm relatively certain this is either one of, or perhaps simply THE, best poetry style pieces I've seen yet on Wattpad!
The child must be having second thoughts about his father😂😂😂😂
BaabaRoyale BaabaRoyale Jan 21
 #Marshmallowbc This sounds like when I used to exchange letters with my crush in high school
sudharants sudharants Feb 02
                              The poem is little bit shaky, just like you said. But it is better for the first attempt. You wrote about sergeant past. But you never mentioned in detail way how he feel when he is burning foster home. But really good attempt. It is kind of engaging.