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Daughter Of Apollo By Epicadrenaline Updated Dec 29, 2017

Sergeant Bryce Waters:  A  soldier assigned in the outskirts of Afghanistan.

Nurse Terra Legado Waters: A nurse that works with wounded soldiers as a way to get closer to her army husband.

 After a fatal accident threatened to separate them they try to reconnect  with one another by trying to relive their love story. Together with the help of love-letters they embark on a trail down memory lane to relive all the good and bad moments they shared and find out what exactly made them fall in love.

Warning: These so called letters will all be in poetry form and will include numerous cliches, heartbreak and a worm pool of emotions.

This book created for the #Just write it contest is the property of Epic Adrenaline and should not be fabricated by anyone.

*The story is only mildly edited, and editing will be fully done after the book completion*

Critiqied by /Addie_Belle/

Gorgeous cover created by /sephenes/
 Hot list : #17 in poetry   (20/12/17)

Brigade Awards winner 2016

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 #EBC Honestly speaking, I am not a great fan of poetry. But just as I started to read it, I loved it. The writing is great.
                              There are a few grammatical errors but nothing that can't be edited.
                              So great job. I am looking forward for the next chapter!
Ahhhhhhhh I love your poetry. I mostly love how it rhymes bc not alot of wattpad poetry rhyme anymore. His heartbreak is portrayed beautifully. And I can't wait to continue.
BaabaRoyale BaabaRoyale 10 hours ago
 #Marshmallowbc Psychopath? Who says that to a child? Aw will the child even understand?😂😂. Bad Mummy
-Silver_Shadow- -Silver_Shadow- Dec 23, 2017
                              This chapter is beautiful^^ I love the fact, that, it doesn't only express his feelings, it also reflected his story! Excellent work my friend :)
Wow...deep. I like it. It kinda goes into backstory there and I really like it
Shy_Carson Shy_Carson 2 days ago
                              I am huge of poetry and I gotta admit that was not very poetic. It was beautifully written and hurting in a nice way. I love the way you told their background story and the characters seems very interesting.