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Daughter Of Apollo By Epicadrenaline Updated Aug 17

Sergeant Bryce Waters:  A  soldier assigned in the outskirts of Afghanistan.

Nurse Terra Legado Waters: A nurse that works with wounded soldiers as a way to get closer to her army husband.

 After a fatal accident threatened to separate them they try to reconnect  with one another by trying to relive their love story. Together with the help of love-letters they embark on a trail down memory lane to relive all the good and bad moments they shared and find out what exactly made them fall in love.

Warning: These so called letters will all be in poetry form and will include numerous cliches, heartbreak and a worm pool of emotions.

This book created for the #Just write it contest is the property of Epic Adrenaline and should not be fabricated by anyone.

Critiqied by /Addie_Belle/

Gorgeous cover created by /sephenes/
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Brigade Awards winner 2016

angelos666 angelos666 7 days ago
                              I've always write historical fiction and occasionally and I encoutered the war scene, this is a good point of view that shows nationalism, dedication to either country or family. It's just so realistic and romantic at the same time, I've had difficulity  writting this and kina envy LOL
Karainspirit Karainspirit 6 days ago
                              I like the poem and the way you wrote it such that even though it's a poem, it feels like a story too. I could also feel how he felt throughout the poem, especially when he was thinking about the past. Overall, it was a really lovely poem.
IEscapist IEscapist Sep 09
A full story defined perfectly in poetry. And beautiful is the only word I can say. You shown so many feelings and actions with such brilliance I couldn't help but love reading. A letter through poetry, the idea slays.
Catherine_Edward Catherine_Edward 6 days ago
                              This is beautiful. I know nothing about poetry. But,  this was easy to follow and the emotions were really good. I could feel his worry,  his pain and his love. Keep it up.
I liked that the poetry told a story and continued to reveal surprises about both the character sending the letter and the one receiving it.
                              This poetry was great! It was simple but so well written. I really liked the imagery and the whole 'burn down the foster home' part really made me laugh 😂 👍🏻