The Devil's Contract [MONSTA X Kihyun FanFic]

The Devil's Contract [MONSTA X Kihyun FanFic]

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Description: After your break up with your EX-Boyfriend Lee Minhyuk (Monsta X), you meet a demon named Yoo Kihyun who was summoned by you (Kwon Jaeryeong), who is now his new Contractor. To summon a demon, you have a sacrifice something special to you. In return, the demon grants you any wish. Once the demon grants the Contractor's wish, their contract is broken and the demon gets sent back to the Demon Realm.

What was it that you sacrificed to summon Kihyun? What will be the wish you wish to be granted? What will happen if you happen to fall for this Devil? Will things work out or would it just get even more complicated?

Read to find out :P


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This is actually making me sad... I think it's woman month again or I'm just really lonely