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yoonmin_trash_tbh By rapmonnies_jams Updated Dec 10, 2016

"I'm going to Seoul." Jeongguk's teary doe eyes peer down at (y/n), waiting for her reaction. Her (e/c) eyes shoot open. "You're what?" She asks quietly, hoping and praying that she misheard. "Look... I'm sorry but I can't miss this opportunity..." He pulls the younger in for a hug, nuzzling into the crook of her neck. He sniffles, trying to hold back his tears. "But oppa... you can't leave me... you're like an older brother." She cries into his chest. "I know (y/n). I know..." His heart aches at the thought of his friend of many years crying, even worse, because of him. "Wh-when are you leaving?" They pull away from the hug. "Uh... Tomorrow morning." He scratches the bak of his neck. "T-tomorrow! Why didn't you tell me sooner?!" She raises her voice, making him flinch. "I didn't want anything to change because you knew I was going..." He whimpers. "Jeongguk!" His mothers voice calls before she can answer. "Coming mum!" He yells back, before turning to face the crying (y/n). He smiles ...

xSuga_bearx xSuga_bearx 5 days ago
I don't know who let Namjoon in that kitchen, but you better wipe some (7th) sense into yo brain 😂
Akillune Akillune Jan 30
Y tf is it like this in every story? Parent's rushed death, no one takes them in, reader has flashbacks about a best friend or someone of interest, WHY!!!?!????? At least it gets us faster to the juicy parts lol.
_Tohru_ _Tohru_ Aug 03, 2016
When I saw this I thought of the times when I dreamt I would be with Jungkook 😂😂
Caramel_Madame Caramel_Madame Oct 23, 2016
I have recently become bts trash XD WELCOME ME TO THE A.R.M.Y PLS
                              I mean plonly if you want to..
teaflame teaflame Jan 23
There are so many 8 - 11 year olds reading this GO DO YOUR HOMEWORK OR PLAY MINECRAFT OR WHATEVER SMALL KIDS DO