I'm Back Bitches

I'm Back Bitches

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Avery blue is your average nerd. Wears glasses even though she doesn't need to, gets A+ in every subject and gets bullied.

She left the school for a term and came back hotter than ever and also one major badass. She came back to tell who's boss and not to mess with her. You can say karma's a bitch.

A huge impression is a bit of an understatement of her first day back. She receives detention slips, the attention of the bad boy and is the most talked about person of the school. So how the hell does she end up in a gang? 

No sarcastic remark will get her out of this one.


"Your book 'I'm Back Bitches' feels so easy to read, you have smooth dialogue and the comebacks are too good"
- CeleanaSaradothian

"I'm in love with your book!! The twists are just great and I hope you make a sequel!!!:)"
- Neversleepkid

"I'm back bitches... bloddy brilliant!"
- BoomerT2016

"I really enjoy reading your book! I can't wait to read the rest of it!! Your very talented!"
- EmilyDawnnn21

Highest ranking: 

#2 in teen fiction 6/11/2016

#1 in humor 18/1/2018, thanks guys so much xx

WARNING: Please don't judge the book by the start, it is very cliché, as I wrote that when I was really young. But the book gradually gets better as the story passes.

This book is under major editing.

Cover by: @beautifullyyoung 
Official trailer by @mizdancer

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Comebacks from the internet😂no offense though i would so the same
I don’t wear glasses or get bullied or act as one .... but I get A/A+ on all subjects.... so am I a nerd?
Lady_GreyC Lady_GreyC 5 days ago
 #rr It’s Starting..*she shushed the person next to her* The show is beginning
FuturisticBooks FuturisticBooks 3 days ago
I think that’s the date was a the one year anniversary of the Great Flood in Louisiana
I already love the book and it's only an author's note hahaha
Oooh! If I were you I would haunt them down myself and break every single bone they have in their body but I’m not you so.. YEAH!🙂 and also I haven’t written any stories yet so nobody will plagiarize my work because I haven’t done any😂