Forgotten Basketball (Kuroko no Basuke Fan Fiction)

Forgotten Basketball (Kuroko no Basuke Fan Fiction)

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Red Maru By retardedinpajamas Completed

"I don't know, whenever I play basketball it feels like I'm complete as a person," Aya Tsubasa has a passion for basketball but she doesn't know where it came from. Fragments of a red head boy always appears in her dreams, but she doesn't know who he is. Who is he? And what does he have to do with her? Read and finds out a past that involves the Generation of Miracles.


[3rd Place in 2014 KnB Watty Awards Akashi Category]
[3rd in 2014 KnB Watty Awards Most Creative Cover]
[2nd in 2014 KnB Watty Awards Most Creative Title]

  • akashi
  • aomine
  • atsushi
  • basuke
  • daiki
  • kagami
  • kise
  • kuroko
  • midorima
  • murasakibara
  • ryota
  • seijuro
  • shintaro
  • taiga
  • tetsuya
clouding_stars clouding_stars May 29, 2017
Pack your bags everyone. We're moving to a new dimension. Hopefully where anime is REAL and kagami isn't thinking
BasicPringle BasicPringle Apr 29, 2017
This world is never peaceful 
                              (Unless you're in a hot bubble bath)
Ira_Nashi Ira_Nashi Aug 05, 2017
I haven't watched that anime, but whatever, gonna read it anyway.
agustdrgn agustdrgn Dec 09, 2016
I thought Akashi's hair was bold pink -close to red-, anyone?
EunEpperson EunEpperson Oct 08, 2016
Damn! I've finally found this treasure that I've read like how many years ago. Took me awhile to find it but wow... could this be nostalgia or is age just catching up on me? Wait a minute, it has only been 2 years...
RiriloveEreri RiriloveEreri Dec 14, 2015
this is amazing ( i don`t really with oc but this one got my attention) Love it !