Tears of A Soldier(BWWM)

Tears of A Soldier(BWWM)

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TwistedGirl85 By TwistedGirl85 Updated Dec 02

In 2018 the world enter into World War 3. No one remembers how it started. All anyone seems to remember were Screams, Blood and Death.

It is now 2066 and the world's population was decreasing rapidly. People were killing one another for food, clothes, anything that would seem to ensure their own survival. Order was needed or all hope would be lost.

The government decided to organized a group of soldiers to help tame the overwhelming violence that populated the world. Regular soldiers wouldn't do, for they were already tainted by the sins that ruled man. 

That gave birth to the Halo Project. Soldiers were selected from birth. Raised in a secluded part of the world. Trained to fight and be loyal to ones country.  

Weakness would be beat out of them.
They would feel no emotions.
Taught to only obey and establish order.

Nathaniel is the Halo Projects number one soldier. A merciless killing machine. He feels nothing. Pleading will get you nowhere with him. Disobedience will not be tolerated by him. Men, Women and even children will be taken in or killed by him if you break any law no more how small. He feels nothing.... Until he meets a loudmouthed, lewd shoplifter.

Haha well good thing ur head Isn't gonna explode for I'll love to finish reading this story
If she is to be his prospective  love interest,  why is she a jailbait?will she be of legal age soon?
Wtf then they aren't human anymore,  ever animal at certain age has the feel for the neeed to mate. Creepy ass robotic children
giangiegi giangiegi Aug 17
Its been so long since I havd read a good story on wattpad :)
TikiMango TikiMango Oct 20
                              When was this book created cus I think great minds think alike
                              I made a book called the watchers and it was about the last of the human race. And this is my first time reading your book, this is crazy-
My punk asś would've been dead the first month...if that 😂😂😂