They Didn't know (Completed)

They Didn't know (Completed)

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K_Williams1 By K_Williams1 Completed

Carmen was lost.  She has no memory, she has no name.  No one has come to claim her.  
Samson was lost.  His reason for living was taken away from him by a bombing and now he has to claw his way back to living a normal life.  
Carmen lost her memory the same day Samson lost his family.  
When Carmen's memory comes back, will the people who killed Samson's family come back for her?  
When Sampson finds out, will he be able to protect her?
What happens when everyone's questions are answered?  Will they part or will they come together?

This story isn't mature right now, but that can change in the future.   The changes will be made known if it happens.

THIS STORY IS NOT MATURE.  Just marked that way due to a website using wattpad for their stories.

  • action
  • amnesia
  • danger
  • love
  • romance
ardieparadise ardieparadise Dec 24, 2016
Laughing so hard cause best friend is named carmen and has memory loss
je11ybean262 je11ybean262 Feb 12, 2016
Oh no... Poor lady! I really hope Junior and mama are okay. Great start!
IAmCandi IAmCandi Feb 10, 2016
Amazing! That's a wonderful beginning and I already feel so bad for those expecting mothers and wanna smaxj those idiots for thd bomb
anon2404 anon2404 Mar 08, 2016
You're off to a start with a real bang. (Pardon the pun).  I'm looking forward to this. Quick question, why were her hands tied down?
Academylove Academylove Feb 11, 2016
Great beginning, but what came of the excited mother with the soon to arrive junior?  Will we ever find out?  If she can't remember her own name, will she be able to remember to find out about Junior?
divamobile divamobile Mar 11, 2016
My biological sperm-donor went by the name of Junior. Guess his last name, lol!!