Roommates we are *ON HOLD*

Roommates we are *ON HOLD*

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Ch_041 By Ch_041 Updated Aug 26, 2016

"I'm gonna go, I have to talk to the Dean." He murmured, as he got up. 

"Kiss me!" I said, gasping at my own words. I couldn't believe what I said. 

"What?" He asked, just as surprised as me as he stopped and turned around to look at me. 

"Kiss me..." I whispered. 

He didn't hesitate to quickly walk over and grab my face in his hands, bringing my lips to meet his. Surprised for a moment, I immediately kissed back, putting fingers in his hair and lightly tugging as we both moaned into the kiss. He pulled away, pecking my lips once more, before resting his forehead against mine and rubbing his thumb against my cheek.  He didn't open his eyes, but mine we're fully open. 

"How am I supposed to leave now?" He chuckled. 

I let out a giggle, "don't..."

@worldstxr somewhere in Canada cause that's the only place that has Tim Horton's
YourHappierArentYou YourHappierArentYou Jul 14, 2016
How to tell when the author is Canadian or not........ They mention Tim's  lol
AlyKat04 AlyKat04 Mar 10, 2016
So far I love this story and I'm not a big fan of romances (I think it's going to be a romance)