You're my dance king(On Editing)

You're my dance king(On Editing)

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Dainydain By dainybaby Completed

Bailey?i push josh and gabe beside me and im going to run but sean hold my wrist so i look back to him...he sway his head left and right.

"i need to talk to her"i beg.and i pull my hand and ran.

"Paul!"sean shout.

I ran through the hallway and luckily no ones here and saw her walking slowly with her head down.I walk to her slowly and hold her wrist.She quickly look back and i can't control myself i hug her tight.

"Bailey?please forgive me"i cry to her shoulder and beg."im sorry for what i've done,im sorry..Im really sorry"i continue and hug her really tightly.

Bailey's p.o.v

im walking slowly with my head back down.when someone hold my wrist and when i look back i saw ken crying im going to pull my wrist when he pull me and hug me really tight.I'm going to wrap my arms too i really miss his hug..i really miss this,i want too hug him really tight.i really miss him.I cry and i realize that all i pull back my arms and push him i swipe my tears away and face him.

"im sorry" i said "i gotta go"i said and walk away.

"bailey?i know you can't accept my sorry but please let me show you that i love you"i hear his cry.

the tears fall down on my cheeks.

"it's over*sniffs*im sorry."i pause my voice is shaking."i know...we have lots of memory that we shared...together...we promise... that one can sweet words that...we said to each...other.i really love that all...."i cry. "thank you.."i said smiling while the tears are falling and i face him."Thank you so much for that moments ken..thank you for...loving me.but i's sorry"i said and the tears fall down to my cheeks and i look down.

Not based in true:)

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