A Simple Promise

A Simple Promise

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"W-where is she" we all turned our heads to Percy who stumbled onto the ship.
"Where's Annabeth?!?!" He shouted louder.

Jason toke a step forward 
"We-we tried to stop her she said she had a plan..." He trailed off looking down, the others shifted uncomfortably
Percy ran up to me grabbing me by my shirt sobbing.

"YOU PROMISED YOU WOULD PROTECT HER!!" He shouted in my face.
Hazel looked down at her feet frank put his arm around her, piper started to sob Leo pulled her into a hug, jason walked over to try to get Percy's grip away from me. He shoved jason away causing him to fall to the floor.

His grip tightened he raised a fist throwing it at me but I doged and pried his hands off my jacket.
"What about Bianca, Perseus" I hissed.

(Old name: You promised)

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ela_stylik ela_stylik Jun 30, 2017
I have not started to read ur ff but i added it to my library...i saw ur cms were 999 so i came to just make it a 1000...yeah..i donno thats possible or not i never really cared about it😁
thegodpluto thegodpluto Jul 19, 2017
you dont know how much I have wanted a fanfic based off that headcanon.
intelligentdancing intelligentdancing Jul 05, 2017
I don't ship percico, but dang. This chapter peaked my interest.
BiancaDiAngelo21 BiancaDiAngelo21 Feb 03, 2017
Lol at school I was reading this with my friends in science and my friend goes "OHHHHH BUSEN BUUURRRN!"
JakeAbelMyBaby JakeAbelMyBaby Dec 24, 2016
I love the fact Nico just said some promises you just can't keep but still uses Bianca, which is a low blow!!Not that there's anything wrong with that, don't get me wrong, I love Nico though! Just couldn't help but point that out!
Elidagrav Elidagrav Dec 08, 2016
Why is he stuttering when talking to himself, I mean seriously Nico what