Bottled Promises

Bottled Promises

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Lindsey Summers By DoNotMicrowave Updated May 29

His future is shackled by the past. 

Her past is driving her future. 

Growing up, Cameron Scott longed to break free from her controlling childhood. Now a freshman at Alden University, she's finally able to live life on her terms...or so she thinks. Forced to take the only room left on campus, one in the substance free program, Cameron signs a contract promising not to drink, party or do anything illegal. 

The only positive is Alaric St. James, a boy whose disdain for the program rivals her own. But unlike Cameron, Alaric isn't there by chance. A judge has ruled Alaric must participate and stay out of trouble. As the two develop feelings, they grow conflicted. Both have made promises, but as Cameron soon discovers, sometimes you break promises, and sometimes they break you.

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