Who Are You || 5H/You || Lesbian Story

Who Are You || 5H/You || Lesbian Story

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katie By queenofnothing18 Updated Aug 27

THIS IS THE SEQUEL TO: AMNESIA || 5H/You || Lesbian Story. So if you're a new reader, go read the first book before you read this one cause if you start reading this one, you'll be so fucking confused dude. 


Two years. It's been two years since they all saw Y/N and let me tell you, everything has changed. Those who were close to Y/N, were not the same anymore but they still went on with their lives, trying to be strong for Y/N and for themselves. While they lived their lives, Y/N was living another one. 

In those two years that the others have spent desperately trying to search for Y/N, Y/N was living the life as the leader of one of the most notorious gangs in the world, but she lived that life in the shadows. 

She doesn't remember a single thing and her current girlfriend, Jamie, used that as a disadvantage. Feeding Y/N lies for the past two years and at the same time, trying to erase every trace of Y/N, wanting the poor girl all for herself. She wanted to make sure everybody gave up hope that Y/N was alive so she didn't have to worry about anybody interfering with her plans. 

What if nobody interferes, but Y/N, herself? What if somebody was helping Y/N get back to her rightful place? Somebody who takes her back to memory lane, helping the girl get her memory back? What happens when Y/N met up with her past that she always sees in her visions? What if she sees the same five beautiful girls that she fell in love with in her dreams, in real life but doesn't even realize it? 

Wanna find out what happens? 

Well stop wasting time, my friend! Go on and read! Enjoy! :)

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Thing is...my name is relatively unique and most of the tine people dont have the same spelling or prnunciation so if you knew me and met someone who looked sounds and has my name its most likely me lol
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