DNA  ⇒ Vkook/KookV [pt.1]

DNA ⇒ Vkook/KookV [pt.1]

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In a world where on your eighteenth birthday,you get to know who the person you're stuck with for the rest of your life is,by taking a blood test.

 But,what if your soulmate is that one person you just can't stand?

Shit is bound to go down

Story idea from: @HyungWonho

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Galactikk Galactikk 7 days ago
I do that and then I suddenly go "They're ugly."
                              Even though I'm uglier than them.
Galactikk Galactikk 7 days ago
More like a dick-
                              I'm sorry i'll get my Bottom Tae ass outta here.
                              "TAEKOOK SWEET MOMENTS"
                              "TAEKOOK CUDDLING"
                              YOU HATE HIM INDEED.
kookiecover kookiecover 3 days ago
SPOILER: "its jeon jungkook" *whispers* JVDBSKJSJKBNSDNSDJKBDCBDS
Eomma_SungYoon Eomma_SungYoon 20 hours ago
Okay! I just found this place... It was on army city 😂😂😂 please let this be real
Me when it's been hip thrusting and out of nowhere Tae or Young sticks out they tongue