shy girl » kim taehyung

shy girl » kim taehyung

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i love euiwoong By tae-senpai Updated Nov 21, 2016

❝Maybe the school's kingka fell for the mysterious & unknown shy girl❞

what if I said the girl that no one knew existed was in deep love with the school's kingka?

started: february 6, 2016
ended: t/b/a

•this story is cliche asf but lovely•

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Army_2110 Army_2110 Mar 22
Idk why but, literally all the fanfics I read that Irene is in it she is the antagonist...🙆🏻‍♀️👌🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️
yummiiiiiii yummiiiiiii Apr 01
I have 2 different laughs a silent laugh and a windshield laugh
Kawygee Kawygee Mar 03
6 XD I'm thinking about it and it kinda makes me sad because BTS was actually supposed to be an 8 member band, supreme Boi was actually the 8th member but quit his opportunity to become their producer
arsaxe arsaxe Feb 17
i love all of them but im going to imagine mira as chuu from loona because she is my baby~
voidvelvets voidvelvets Mar 12
i have a laugh that is the mix of a seal and a broken windshield wiper
i have 2 different laughs telephone laugh and a windshield wiper laugh