The Dead Walk

The Dead Walk

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Gracyn Pacheco By Tomahaawk Updated Jan 06, 2017

It happened on Logan's 12th birthday. When the virus hit her home town, making the dead walk. She was only 12 when one of them stumbled into her house, tearing apart her parents right in front of her eyes. She was only a child when her older sister gripped her and her younger sister's arm, never looking back. 

It's now 8 years later and the dead still walk. However, this isn't your average zombie apocalypse. There are three classes of zombies. The lame brains, the sprinters, and the demon class. If a zombie is chasing you, pray to god it's not a demon class.  Oh, Logan and her sisters, Hunter and Carter, have super powers. 

But, will their on and off powers keep them safe? Or, will they become a new class of zombie?
Cover by Tessamor

  • action
  • comedy
  • gore
  • horror
  • thriller