Yandere! Boy X Tsundere! Reader

Yandere! Boy X Tsundere! Reader

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I like how the waitress calls the place a "dessert place" as if she doesn't know what the place she's working at called.
Lol when the author said "stay tuned to find out what happens next" that toatally reminded me of dragon ball z
*cries* why?! Why tf did I show him 😭😭 He ain't Kellin or PJ or Dan or Phil.
                              RIP me! ill be crafting
Tbh i would only eat with someone of I get free food from them
lol this ain't how a tsundere acts 😂😂 But then again,  I ain't a tsundere so...
😂😂 How I would love to pull off this guy's dick until it tears