Yandere! Boy X Tsundere! Reader

Yandere! Boy X Tsundere! Reader

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EmotionlessYandere EmotionlessYandere Dec 27, 2016
Who the hell just randomly walk into a dorm room like that?! I'mma punch that boy when Katsu catches him
FandomLover_0102 FandomLover_0102 Aug 07, 2016
I like how the waitress calls the place a "dessert place" as if she doesn't know what the place she's working at called.
Unicorn_nerd1 Unicorn_nerd1 May 01, 2016
Lol when the author said "stay tuned to find out what happens next" that toatally reminded me of dragon ball z
xxphancy_potatoxx xxphancy_potatoxx Nov 02, 2016
*cries* why?! Why tf did I show him 😭😭 He ain't Kellin or PJ or Dan or Phil.
                              RIP me! ill be crafting
jimin_jams_123456 jimin_jams_123456 Nov 17, 2016
Tbh i would only eat with someone of I get free food from them
Draca_Gem Draca_Gem Dec 17, 2016
I feel like my friend would push off someone out of the window.