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A. Mirza By hayatkhan07 Updated 20 hours ago

My thoughts. 

My feelings. 

My desires. 

My scents...

Moonlight-Shimmer Moonlight-Shimmer Feb 08, 2016
I know I will enjoy reading it as much as you'll enjoy writing it In Sha Allah :)
My mom ALWAYS says that 
                              I still don't know wat she means
                              I'm not a mom tho😜
143maryam 143maryam Apr 28, 2016 mom used to say the same thing..and it's so don't understand it then...but now I won't let my daughter have a sleepover anywhere either lol
peanutbutter_choc peanutbutter_choc Apr 10, 2016
Awww! Mothers just always want to protect their children! They have the best intention but we realise that way too late!
143maryam 143maryam Apr 28, 2016
Ooh just found this...would love to know more about my long lost sister xoxo
My mom just shrugs and says,"Ask ur dad."
                              N then dad says,"Ask ur mom"
                              So I'm going back n forth
                              They let me go for parties (only all girls parties) but sleepovers...
                              I'm only allowed sleepovers with my cousins 😂