Pink Haired Triplets

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Wallie By Wallie Updated 7 months ago
Calliden (Cal) is diagnosed with cancer when she is 15. Luckily she's got two brothers that always have her back and know how to make her laugh. They're triplets, and closer than anything, and even cancer can't change that. 
    Cal's not too sure if she likes how cancer is changing her dad, however. He's decided to step up and be a "good parent," a big change from the drunk, home-but-not-really-there type of guy he was just a few hours before she wound up in the hospital. Sure, it sounds great, a dad who's decided to be involved in her life, but Cal would rather just take care of herself.
    Then there's Alex, a fellow cancer patient who has a lifetime of practice of feeling sorry for himself, and pities Cal's new predicament as well. 
    There is also Matt. Matt: a guy who appears out of nowhere are seems to be everything Cal has ever dreamed of.
I like this sentence!...did that sound weird? Okay I will go read the next chapter now....
@KatherineMaher it sounds horrible to say its so cool, but it is. I've never met anyone my age (real or otherwise) who has it. I mean, I was diagnosed at age 2, so it was a lot more common at young ages, but I've relapsed a few times (a few meaning 4) but currently I'm in remission :)
That's so cool!! I have the same type of leukemia, ALL, aka acute lymphoblastic leukemia!
Hey! I loved it!!!!!!!!!! Keep it up!!!!!!!!! Could u check out my story abandoned for life?
I really enjoys reading this. I love the descriptions of the scenes. It makes it feel like I'm watching a movie :) I love the brothers sense of humor after they're sisters accident and I think it makes it more real of a situation. Good job.
                                    The writing is clear and concise. I like how the siblings' names are so similar, though it's a tad confusing in the beginning.
                                    Keep up he good work!