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A Girl Who He "Hates": Sans X Reader (Warning: Bad Puns, Feels, and Puns!)

A Girl Who He "Hates": Sans X Reader (Warning: Bad Puns, Feels, and Puns!)

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Endersnow By Endersnow Updated Mar 05, 2016

Y/n L/n. The true name. The girl who everyone beats, torments, and blames for everything. The girl who is shy, forgiving, motherly, humble, and talented. The girl who everyone hates. Sans the skeleton. The punmaster, who is fun and laid-back and loves puns. What happens when he meets a human girl who he wants to hate? (A/n: In this book, Chara makes Sans hate all humans, just roll with it, please?)

Y/N: Greeni
                              L/N: Jackson
                              S/N: Percy
                              F/C: Green or Black
                              S/C: Pale
                              H/C: Black w/ green highlights 
                              E/C: Green
                              M/N: Sally
                              F/N: Poseidon
                              (PJO referencing so hard)
Y/n:  Ruby 
                              L/n:  Willow
                              S/n: Theodosia  #HamiltonFan)
                              F/c: Midnight Blue
                              L/s:  Short (Just above shoulder)
                              S/c: Pale-almost sun tan
                              H/c: Auburn Red
                              E/c: Black-brown
                              M/n: Melis
                              F/n: Aurthor
Y/n: Mika
                              L/n: Diane
                              S/n: tia
                              F/c : dark blue
                              L/s : short (shoulder length)
                              S/c : pale
                              H/c : blonde/gold
                              E/c : golden
                              M/n : Mia
                              F/n : Kioshi
TheFabulousFrastique TheFabulousFrastique Dec 22, 2016
Y/N: Kaiti
                              L/N: Impact
                              S/N: Lily Impact
                              F/C: Dark Blue
                              L/S: Short
                              H/C: Brown
                              E/C: Green
                              S/C: Pale-Peach
                              M/N: Michelle
                              F/N: Grant
                              for mai oc and me mixed together :>
F_R_E_S_H F_R_E_S_H Jan 06
y/n: theo(dosia)
                              l/n: kurona
                              s/n: netty
                              f/c: spring green
                              l/s: short
                              s/c: pale
                              h/c: black
                              e/c: hazel
                              m/n: mary
                              f/n: kalem
kymcat kymcat Apr 16, 2016
Hey, I'm the artist that drew the cover for this story ( Since you didn't ask permission or credit me, please remove it from this page.