Mistreated and Rejected

Mistreated and Rejected

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Chloe was beaten and abused by her pack. Her mate rejecting her is the last straw. Unable to deal with it all she runs away. Meeting a new pack and friends, she rebuilds her life. Becoming tougher and stronger she and her new pack have to go help her old pack with a hunter problem.

Will she forgive her brother for treating her like he did?

Will she fall for her mate?

Or will she make him pay?

What will happen when some people are captured by the hunters? Is she one of them?

The first book, in the series, the second is called Abused and Forgotten.   
Under some serious editing

Very little language. There are some dark spots.

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Sorry this isn't called murdering it's called my mother died saving me and then some other wolves killed my dad lol
aphmaulover05 aphmaulover05 Dec 29, 2016
Petra from 'Jane the virgin' said Even though  you stopped loving me i never stopped loving you.'
selenabdf selenabdf Nov 18, 2016
Let me get This straight they just assumed she killed them all ????? I couldn't do shït when I was 12 how could she ??
x_oluchi_x x_oluchi_x Jan 19
I know this is rude, but could you all go read my book, I started it today and I wanna know if it is worth continuing or not. Vote, comment share my story...Thx xox
This is sooo cliche, but I still love these books, especially when the weak girl returns as an awesome badass
met_all_ica met_all_ica Feb 05
That's when you breath in and stop struggling and they feel guilty