Mistreated and Rejected

Mistreated and Rejected

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Jay By ReadsBooksForFun Completed

Chloe was beaten and abused by her pack. Her mate rejecting her is the last straw. Unable to deal with it all she runs away. Meeting a new pack and friends, she rebuilds her life. Becoming tougher and stronger she and her new pack have to go help her old pack with a hunter problem.

Will she forgive her brother for treating her like he did?

Will she fall for her mate?

Or will she make him pay?

What will happen when some people are captured by the hunters? Is she one of them?

The first book, in the series, the second is called Abused and Forgotten.   
Under some serious editing

Very little language. There are some dark spots.

Cover Made By JoannasBooks
A BIG thanks!

  • hunters
  • mate
  • mates
  • pain
  • rejected
  • rejection
  • rogue
  • torchered
  • wolf
I'm reading this in a british accent now sorry, not sorry😂
SevenUnicorns15 SevenUnicorns15 Dec 09, 2017
And if she had died your parents would have most likely killed themselves afterwards because wolves cant bare to lose their pup it brings them too much pain. So they would want to die so they can see her again.
mjvrkyum mjvrkyum Feb 02
Seriously this dude, his parents loved her enough to die for her and yet he insults their memory by saying its her fault.  Damn what an idiot... Who blames a child for this?? I would've slapped him.
SevenUnicorns15 SevenUnicorns15 Dec 09, 2017
Oh hun what you dont understand is that once you leave that pack. He is gonna start getting real upset and he will regret everything he did to you.
NOOOO i would grab the silver baseball bat and hit him in the head heard 
                              key word HARD
Dinomoo1212 Dinomoo1212 Jan 29
Probaly the same like everyone else.You run away from your pack and they start feeling guilty then you find your mate he beats you then you nearly die then he loves you.