The Alpha's Orphanage (#JustWriteIt)

The Alpha's Orphanage (#JustWriteIt)

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The Gaea Wolf Pack is small and not a threat. The Broken Wolf Pack is huge and fearless.
When both packs meet on business and a soon to be Alpha finds his mate, what'll happen when secrets are revealed, people are sold, and love is lost?

Meet Parker Daniels, the son of the Alpha of the Broken Wolf Pack. He's strong-willed and ready for love at the age of nineteen.

Meet Cae, a sixteen year old orphan with a past so mysterious and hurtful, nobody has heard her utter one word since her twelfth birthday.

This story takes an unusual turn into the supernatural and goes past the usual cliché werewolf story.

Moon Goddess' daughter?
Why not the Moon Goddess AND the Fairy Queen?
Alpha of Alphas?
Why not the Dark Prince AND the Guardian of the Forest?
Pure awesomeness?

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VanillaRootBeer VanillaRootBeer Jul 26, 2016
I feel bad for you.. Join me and we will all eat tacos or other delicious foods for the rest of our lives
EllyHendrixon EllyHendrixon Mar 14, 2016
God I love this story already but I feel like a crappy person for not being able to help her
nii2wavyy nii2wavyy Feb 07, 2016
I can't wait til the next chapter. 
                              Ill be here as the story grows