You Are Always Mine [Vamp!V]xJimin

You Are Always Mine [Vamp!V]xJimin

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KT/K-TOM By ShaWol_dReaMA Updated Dec 30, 2016

"No! Please *pant* stop! Ah~ Mm~ *gasp* No...please...I- NYYAAAHH!"
Jimin is a high school student with special bonds and powers along with his friends. Sweet, Kind, & Nice all describe this boy. However, a new form of demons are rising, and Jimin was taken captive by one.
He thinks it's a dream, but he is indeed locked inside the demon's home. Continuously, Jimin is preyed upon by him because of his blood. Jimin slowly gives in with every day he spends with his said to be mate. Hence the various bruises, bite marks, and tiny scratches on his soft, silky skin.
New powers and abilities are discovered, along with the past of the young vampire. Jimin wants and craves to leave...Or does he crave his supposed mate?
"Stop- Ungh! I-I don't want this! *gasp* AH!"

"As long as your plump *pant*, shapely *pant*, tasty skin is enveloped with *pant* MY lips and MY hands, you will always be mine....*pant* always..."

"A-Ah, wah~, mph~! Nyah...Ah! Oh!...AH~! *gasp* N-No! Nnyyaaaahh~...AH! *pant pant* NNYYYAAAAHH! TAEHYUUUNNNGG!"

"Ssshhh...I'll make you mine...don't worry..."

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Kimbubblebutt Kimbubblebutt Jul 30, 2016
I kept reading the after the second world war for some reason