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Just Different (Camren) (G!P)

Just Different (Camren) (G!P)

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Daddy Jauregui By _curlystyles_ Updated Feb 13

Camila Cabello has always been the type of individual to keep to herself in all aspects. She's known as the type of girl to stay home late up at night, reading a novel or even studying for a math test the next day.  Even by her closest friends, she's teased for never going to a party or never even having her first kiss; but she never minded the jokes shared about her.

It was going to take more than teasing to change her unusual ways and preferences, and lucky for did.


"I had never expected my life change from one day to another because of a girl I never even knew walked the same halls as I did. Maybe it was because of the way she hid behind the shadows with her brothers and sister, never interacting with anyone else but themselves. Maybe it was the fact that those intense, golden-emerald eyes I had come to love intimidated everyone else to the point where no one never acknowledged her. Or maybe it was because she was just...


Whatever it was, I just knew my life would never be the boring, cliche story I thought I would always keep. I also didn't know that I would no longer be that nobody behind the shadows that walked the halls. I never knew I would have to fear for my life at any given point because of her, or because of what she could do to me. And I certainly didn't know that she'd ruin me to the point where I'd actually fall hard for her...

*G!P Lauren*


Cover by @SLOTHATO

LaGomez162 LaGomez162 Mar 12
Ally might be fairy or a wizard like in Shadowhunters or something idk :)
Migoos81916 Migoos81916 6 days ago
See, they save Ally so that when all the drama is over shell just be sitting back saying "Y'all children could've just came to church" then she shakes her head in a motherly manor
Migoos81916 Migoos81916 6 days ago
6. When they write the word "DELUSIONAL" in a Camren brought this on yourself
Migoos81916 Migoos81916 6 days ago
Why do people in this world feel as though its okay to lie to us. Its like you WANT us to tell you you are beautiful. Is that what you want; to be called pretty?...fine. You're beautiful. You look pretty as always. You are so adorable. DROP DEAD god
Migoos81916 Migoos81916 6 days ago
Is it bad that I started laughing because I thought about Chanel number 4's  "vagina teeth"
Migoos81916 Migoos81916 7 days ago
Who automatically thought it said Mr instead of Miss. THEN, thought of zack and cody? No? Okay.