Mortals Meet Demigods

Mortals Meet Demigods

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Mortals meet Demigods! This story is pretty much discontinued, and my reasoning is on the last chapter. I really hope you enjoy this story just as much as I had writing it!


Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters except OC's.
Disclaimer: if I use your school, I'm terribly sorry, I make them all up.
Disclaimer: any Harry Potter references belong to JK Rowling.
Disclaimer: I have nothing against anyone. If I use your name, I'm sorry. If I use the term 'dumb blonde' I'm really sorry. It's just part of the story.
Disclaimer: if I use any other book or movie references, know that they belong to the person who owns it.
Disclaimer: cover images not mine. I made it using pictures from the Internet and Piclab
Disclaimer: if there's anything in the media, it is all not mine, unless I tell you it is.
Disclaimer: this ones for fun. I don't own the word disclaimer.

Enjoy the story!

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*raises lightsaber* PLEAAAAASSSSEE
                              Kylo: still not now
                              Me: I'll capture Rey 
                              Kylo: FIIIIIIIINNNEE
                              oh okay
                              at first I was like "why are people hating on this girl, just because her tan is fake or she wears (pretty bad tbh) makeup?"
                              now im just like oh no
*raises lightsaber* Kylo, permission to kill?
                              Kylo: not in public
                              Me: DANG IT DANG IT DANG IT
Fanfiction_Obessed18 Fanfiction_Obessed18 Dec 13, 2017
Valid reasoning 
                              Sorry if this came of rude wasn't my intention
ShantBeKnown ShantBeKnown Oct 11, 2017
Hello I'm a natural blondie with green eyes. That's it... oh and I'm not stupid.
ShantBeKnown ShantBeKnown Oct 11, 2017
I would say you are like a complete stalker but ya know I do something sorta the same