JackSepticEye imagines/one shots

JackSepticEye imagines/one shots

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Jules By aweirdo102 Updated May 30, 2016

*Requests are open*

This is a book full of imagines and one shots with Jacksepticeye.

if you have a request, please message me.


the-fandom-writer15 the-fandom-writer15 Oct 20, 2016
Um... Mackenzie and I are hardcore fans of Jack. We would never do that to each other
skymau4life skymau4life Sep 29, 2016
Emily, doesn't even like boys, so she would never do that. Plus she's exactly love a sister to me so she would never in a million years bo thay
                              WTF YOU DOING WITH MY MAN GET OUT!!!!!
Socio1569 Socio1569 Jul 07, 2016
Well Jack, looks like you're gonna have a bad time. *MEGALOVANIA*
- - Jul 31, 2016
On the phone : Anna! It's me Breanna! How could you betray meeee!?
Abby_Clifford16 Abby_Clifford16 Jul 24, 2016
Mykaela how could you!! Wait until Pewds hears about this!! XD @lobstur